Why You Should Trust an Experienced Core Sampling Company

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest fields creating jobs in the state of Texas. Texas has a booming economy centered on oil and gas, crops and tourism. Because there are numerous oil fields and rigs set up across the lone star state a number oil and gas construction companies recruit the services of other entities to help them utilize their resources. One area of service that oil and gas construction companies need is the process of extracting core samples. Core samples are one of the strongest indicators of oil and gas reserves and their abundance. Through core samples, companies are able to better predict and understand the specific reserve they are working on. In order to fully understand the productivity of the reserve, an oil and gas company must turn to a well-respected and experienced core sampling industry.

When it comes to choosing a reputable company business experience is everything. Exhibiting an abundance of experience in the core sample business is a great way to demonstrate a greater understanding of the oil and gas market, as well as the core market. Experience gives businesses a greater amount of confidence in a particular area and a better idea of what to expect on a daily basis. With over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas research industry, Kocurek’s president have been able to supply high quality core samples to various universities and businesses throughout the years.

Because Kocurek Industries operates on a foundation of experience their employees are trusted and held in high-regards. In addition to demonstrating a high level of experience location is crucial to having a successful business. For a core sample business, it is important to be located near all of your work sites. Kocurek Industries’ headquarters are located in Caldwell, Texas, which is approximately 100 miles north of Houston. This allows Kocurek Industries to be located directly in the heart of the oil and gas industry, where a majority of their clients are centered. With this prime location Kocurek has been able to build their own office, with three acres of land, dedicated to the storage of various samples and stones. Whether a company, or individual, is looking for cutting-edge lab tests or high quality core samples, Kocurek Industries is able to meet the requirements of all of their clients.

Because of their central location, years of experience and devotion to following strict standards in order to get the best results Kocurek Industries has become one of the leading Texas companies for core sampling. Kocurek Industries is also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. If you are looking for the following services: cutting carbonate and sandstone core samples, instrumentation services or high-pressure portable test carts choose Kocurek Industries. When you need the highest quality in core sample research at the most competitive price, you can reply on Kocurek Industries INC. For more information regarding service and pricing please visit www.kocurekindustries.com or call (979)406-0627

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