Berea Sandstone Core

Why Should You Consider Berea Cores For Your Sampling?

Earth has a huge amount of resources for minerals and we have discovered just a few amongst an ocean of rocks. Some of these rocks play a vital role in understanding conventional energy resources like petroleum and their characteristics. These rocks include sandstones, carbonates & shale that are majorly used by the petroleum industry, finding their origin in the sedimentary rock category. Amongst these, we would be discussing the Berea sandstone rock which is used in the oil field research and holds great importance in the petroleum industry. 


Why Berea Sandstone Stands Out From The Rest?

Composition Of Berea Sandstone Cores

Berea sandstone is a soft, cohesive sedimentary rock. It is composed of Silica, Alumina, Ferric Oxide, Ferrous Oxide and other small size particles. The composition of Berea sandstone varies from one location to another. Some areas have more silica content while others have more iron content. It is usually formed in shallow marine environments where there are high temperatures and high pressure. This type of environment allows for the formation of some minerals such as feldspar and mica which are responsible for making the rock softer than normal sandstones.

The core diameter ranges from 0.5 cm to 25 cm, it might vary amongst the core sample providers. 


Permeability Of Berea Sandstone

Permeability is defined as the ability of a liquid to pass through the pores or cracks of a rock. It can be measured through a sieve or special equipment called a permeameter. The permeability of Berea sandstone with KCL is 80-120mD whereas with N2 it is 200-230mD. The permeability and porosity of berea sandstone makes the core sampling much easier than the non-porous rock types like shale, moreover, they can be used in vertical as well as horizontal drilling. 


How Berea Sandstone Helps The Oil Field Research?

  • Berea cores are relatively easy to handle and they provide information on the internal structure. Although they are used in many different fields, such as geology, mineralogy, engineering and volcanology, they are majorly exploited by the petroleum industry.
  • Berea cores are composed of fine-grained particles which help us determine porosity, permeability and distribution of minerals within them; they also allow us to determine whether there are any faults or fractures present or not. 
  • The surface of the core has a characteristic surface texture that can be seen by the naked eye or with a magnifying glass. 
  • It is preferable to use cores that have an even thickness across their width. The length varies according to the purpose for which it will be used. In most cases, it is necessary to consider this parameter when sampling.
  • The diameter size of Berea sandstone cores varies depending on their source and location. The flexibility in their diameter size makes them very suitable for collecting oil samples since they can easily fit into a wellbore without causing any problems when being retrieved at the surface.
  • One might find the characteristics of Berea cores are similar to those of any other core, but they have one distinct advantage, i.e., they are more cost-effective than the average sandstone core.


Why Should You Choose Kocurek Industries For The Berea Sandstone Cores Purchase?

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