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US to Replace Saudi Arabia in Crude Production

According to recent reports, oil production in the United States is growing so rapidly, there is a strong chance the U.S. could outplace Saudi Arabia as the biggest producer in the world. Much of that production is driven by new drilling methods. As a result, the production of American crude is set to increase by 7% this year alone. If so, this will be the fourth consecutive year of oil increases and the single largest annual gain since 1951.


The ability to access oil from rock that was once believed to be too expensive and difficult to tap is also driving the surge in production. As oil and gas research firms begin to look for more areas of exploration, core samples in Texas serve as a vital component in this ever-evolving industry. Texas is home to one of the most prolific new shale formations in the country, the Eagle Ford shale field. Advanced methods that study core samples for research make it possible for producers in Texas and other areas to pinpoint the most likely sources for crude and focus their drilling efforts on those areas, thus saving time and money in an industry that is important on a global scale.


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