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Reports Indicate Boom for Oil & Gas Industry

It is no secret that the oil and gas industry is currently booming throughout the United States. The latest reports from industry news indicates that this is a trend that will continue to advance in the coming years. According to recent reports the oil and gas industry is anticipated to make nearly $1 trillion in the coming decade. Not only will the oil and gas industry increase the number of jobs within the United States, but it will also increase the number of projects in the southern United States.

With the surge of oil and gas industry projects and companies in the coming years, similarly the need for core samples will also increase. Core samples are an integral part of the research surrounding the oil and gas industry. Core samples have increasingly been recognized as an important source of data. When a core sample is taken, a drill cuts into a substance, typically rock or sediment, with a hollow tube made of steel known as a core drill. A variety of core samples exist to sample different mediums under various conditions. During a core sample, the sample of rock or sediment is pushed into the tube and then removed from the tube where it is inspected and analyzed by professionals. Core samples are able to inform researchers about the make-up and composition of the given substance.

Coring was a method that originally began surrounding oil exploration and ore deposits, but has recently expanded to lakes, ice, soil and woods.  When it comes to the oil and gas industry, coring samples are able to assess the productivity of the oil well drilling by providing information regarding the makeup of the rock that is being drilled. Once the samples have been extracted it is important for the samples to be carefully washes to remove all foreign matter and then inspected at a closer look. After inspection, researchers have a better idea about the depth at which certain rock formations occur at a given drill hole. In addition, core samples allow for oil and gas levels to be better estimated.

Core samples have proven to be vital when it comes to determining the future potential for a new well by showing the accessibility of a given reservoir. With the oil and gas boom that is quickly spreading throughout the United States, more and more core samples will be needed to better analyze the make-up and accessibility of the oil and gas locations.

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