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A fine-grained type of sedimentary rock, shale is a leading source of rock for some of the most important oil and natural gas deposits in the world. Recent drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques have made it possible to extract oil and gas deposits that previously remained trapped inside shale rock. As a result, massive oil and gas fields can now be developed.

Kocurek Industries has developed state of the art facilities for producing shale cores from our supply of outcrop rock and from well cores provided by our clients. We offer samples drilled with light oil, brine, and compressed air. Due to natural fracturing within this stone it is very difficult to produce cores that are intact and suitable for lab tests. We have developed cutting techniques that help us reduce the loss of valuable stone. We offer split cores with smooth machined surfaces and split cores with natural fractures or induced fractures running along the axis of the core. We manufacture these cores with natural or induced fractures running at different angles to the axis. Another type of shale core we offer would be a cylindrical or rectangular core with a borehole through or a borehole to a certain depth. if you can think it we can most likely do it. Put your confidence in us to provide you with the outstanding service we pride ourselves on.

Our famous conductivity slabs can be machined from our outcrop shale or from your well cores.

All of the shales are sensitive to water and atmosphere, some more than others. After completion of our processes we package these cores when feasible in vacuum bags for safe shipping anywhere in the world. When you receive these products you can rest assured that we have taken every step possible to ensure they arrive to your destination preserved.

Our current shale inventory includes Marcellus, Mancos, Barnett, Eagleford, and Wolfcamp. Contact us for all your shale requirements.