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As the world continues to search for more economically feasible methods for increased oil production, advanced reservoir stimulation techniques, including fracturing fluids, have continued to evolve. At Korcurek Industries, we provide a variety of laboratory tests to evaluate the sensitivity of conductivity and fracturing cores to a variety of different fluids. Such tests can be used to evaluate the strength of various formations while also measuring conductivity performance of propped fractures through the use of actual rock core samples. As a result of our in-depth conductivity core testing, it is possible to achieve enhanced understanding that can lead to more efficient reservoir production.

We are able to evaluate a proppant's long-term conductivity between standard lab cores or formation core samples submitted by the customer. Our tests are conducted both with and without fluids at stringent temperatures. Just a few of the tests we offer include:

  • Long-Term Conductivity Between Core
  • Closed Acid Fracture Conductivity
  • Acid Fracture Conductivity
  • Regain Conductivity of Fracturing Fluids

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