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Oil and Gas Research Depends on Validity of Core Sampling

Core samples in Texas are often the only truly reliable source available to reveal geological information about potential oil and gas bearing formations. Such core samples for research are drilled out of the formation that is being studied and then delivered to the surface. When compared to the entirety of an entire oilfield, a well is much like a slender filament that is merely suspended in a much larger space. Core data serves as the principal foundation for which all knowledge regarding a reservoir will be based.

As a result, the significance of core materials compared to their physical size should not be underestimated. This is precisely why the integrity of core samples during sampling as well as recovery and transportation should be of the utmost importance during the collection of such samples.
Oil and gas research and production is based largely on the best understanding possible of the primary characteristics of rocks inside a reservoir, including porosity, permeability, and wettability. A number of approaches have been developed to precisely measure these characteristics and provide the most definitive information possible for oil and gas research in Texas.