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How the Rise in the Oil and Gas Industry Affects the Need for Core Samples

The state of the oil and gas industry in the United States is one of the most important business industries of this decade. With a variety of jobs centered on the oil and gas boom, the rise and fall of the oil and gas industry remains a popular topic. In addition to harboring a variety of jobs for American, the consumption and use of gasoline affect a majority of the United States population.

As you may have noticed in the past few months, the price of gasoline continues to drop to a rise worldwide in oil and gas reserves. According to EY’s annual Global Oil and Gas Reserves Study, oil and gas reserves have increased by 11% worldwide.  The study finds that an increase in these reserves occurred because of strong acquisition activity that occurred in 2013. While the oil and gas reserve increased substantially in Canada and the United States, Asia-Pacific recorded the largest oil reserve growth for the year with 17%. The United States followed with 12%.   Worldwide, oil production showed a strong growth rising by 6% to 12.3 billion barrels of oil.

While the United States came in second when it came to the largest oil reserve growth, the United States saw the largest increase in gas reserves. These increases in the field can be attributed to improved advancements in technology and a higher number of leases for drilling.

The continuously rising oil and gas industry is good news for Kocurek Industries. Kocurek Industries is able to evaluate and understand potential oil and gas reserves by conducting core sample research.  By drilling through different layers of material found at these sites, Kocurek industries can determine the quality, porosity and permeability of the rocks from collected samples. Porosity refers to amount of space within a core sample that is not occupied by solids. This helps determine the rocks ability to retain fluids. Permeability refers to amount by which a fluid can flow through the sample.

Kocurek Industries typically takes core samples during the drilling process in order to analyze the data. Engineers and oil drillers higher companies, such as Kocurek Industries, to take core sample in order to better understand the current conditions of the well and the amount of its potential productivity. In addition to determine the permeability and quality of the sample, core samples can unearth the grain density and fluid saturation of the given sample.

Extracting core samples from a reserve is a great way to study and learn more about the oil and gas field. If you are looking to hire a trusted core sampling business in Texas, hire Kocurek Industries. Located in the heart of the oil and gas industry, Kocurek is able to provide clients with up-to-date oil and gas research services. From supplying high quality core samples to performing cutting-edge precision laboratory tests, Kocurek Industries is ready to serve you. To schedule an appointment today call (979)406-0627 or email