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Core Sampling in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and natural gas companies rely heavily on geological core samplings and the analyses of the samples to help them predict and understand specific oil and gas reserves. These companies use different rock samples to evaluate the productivity of the reserves they are looking to drill into.

Rock samples, which are the result of core sampling, reveal a myriad of details regarding the history and formation of wells and reserves.  With the past few years giving way to a huge boom in the oil and gas industry the need for core sampling has increased dramatically. The extraction technique of core sampling is a very difficult and technical process. Many factors have to be taken into account to accurately receive and measure the data from your core sample. Kocurek Industries, Inc. is Texas’ leading company that provides precision stone cutting for the oil and gas industry.

At this point in time, oil and gas industries biggest concern is minimizing the amount of waste while maximizing their efficiency. Globally, the number of oil and gas industry operators has increased exponentially. While the need for research on oil and gas reserves increased, the improvements in technology allowed superior core sampling companies, such as Kocurek Industries, Inc. , to support and deliver accurate results.

Kocurek Industries, Inc. uses the techniques of gravity coring, vibracoring, and drilling to extract a small core sample from the reserves they visit. Kocurek takes the coring process very seriously and ensures that every client receives the best in service. During the coring process, a sample is pushed in a cylindrical tube where it is then brought into the lab for testing and inspection. Core samples can be dissected into core plugs or small samples.  Upon inspection Kocurek Industries, Inc. is able to inform clients of the porosity and permeability of the well.

Porosity refers to the measure of empty spaces in the sample. Porosity is important because it help determines the volume a sample. Permeability refers to a measurement of a specific material’s ability to transmit fluid, such as oil. Once you have carefully extracted a core sample it is important to preserve and care for the cores so that they remain undamaged and can be referred to at a later point in time.

As more and more oil and gas industries look to determine how lucrative their reserve may be, the importance of core sampling will continue to permeate throughout the industry. Core analysis continues to provide the most accurate insight into characteristics of the specific reserve. If you are looking to analyze an oil and gas well or cut carbonate, sandstone and a variety of other core samples contact Kocurek Industries, Inc.

Located in the heart of Texas, Kocurek Industries provides all of their clients with the most up-to-date services available. On site, Kocurek has three acres of space dedicated to storage and process of stone and core samples. In addition to core samples, Kocurek performs cutting-edge precision laboratory tests that are designed to meet stringent requirements.

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