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Core Samples Provide Vital Data in New Shale Field

Core samples can often prove to be invaluable when it comes to oil and gas research. Xtra Energy recently announced the completion of a core hole drilling program in the Pasquia Hills oil shale field. The groundbreaking oil shale field is located in Saskatchewan, Canada. A total of three core sample holes were drilled in the oil shale permit, a field that spans more than 86,000 acres. These core samples were drilled for the express purpose of examining potential deposits as well as determining what will become the primary mine site of a new plant facility.

The results of this type of core hole drilling can provide vital information, including an analysis of hydrocarbon indicators. Ultimately, this type of core sample research can serve to better inform key players regarding the potential of an identified deposit, such as the one located in Pasquia Hills. This type of information can also then be used in assisting in the planning of developmental activity in the future.