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Core Samples Offer Invaluable Insight into Wells

Core samples for research offer an effective method for measuring conditions of a well down hole by studying core samples. This type of core analysis can prove to be invaluable to oil and gas research by providing accurate insight into the permeability, porosity and other characteristics of a specific well.

There are actually a number of different types of cores that can be recovered from a well. Such cores include oriented cores, full-diameter cores, sidewall cores, and native state cores. The most typical core sample retrieved from a well will range in size from about 1.75 to 5.25 inches in diameter. In terms of length, a full-diameter core can range from 20 feet to 400 feet in length. Sidewall coring involves the retrieval of small core samples that are usually less than two inches in length and about one inch in diameter. Custom stone cutting can prove to be an invaluable service for core samples for research.
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