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Core Samples Next Step in New Well

Around the world, core samples are proving to be more and more important in identifying potential new oil and gas fields. One of the most recent wells that could open soon for production is located in South Lake Charles, La. Drilling has recently been completed at the well site with a depth of more than 15,000 feet. Well logs are still being completed; however, it is believed that the well site holds the potential for being quite lucrative. Log analysis is typically one of the earliest steps in evaluating a well that has been recently drilled.


The next step in the process will be to collect core samples for research and subsequently begin flow testing to determine precisely how lucrative the new reserve could be. The earliest reserve estimates for the new well are estimated to be about 60 billion cubic feet of gas. Additionally, the well is expected to hold approximately four million barrels of oil. Naturally, these are still estimates; however, further oil and gas research should help producers to determine a more precise idea regarding this well’s viability.