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Core Samples Continue to Play an Important Role in Research

The search for various forms of energy today is vitally important. Although the protocols for conventional reservoir evaluations were established many years ago, it has only been in recent years that shale gas has become an energy source that is considered to be viable. The debate continues regarding the best way to maximize production of shale gas. Despite such debates, there is consensus regarding the importance of core samples for research in evaluating shale gas opportunities. In particular, there are three assessments that can prove to be critical in determining such opportunities:

  • The presence of gas
  • Thermal richness and maturity
  • The opportunity to pursue fracturing
Opportunities regarding shale gas will likely continue to unfold and evolve. In order to make the most of such growing opportunities, core samples will continue to serve as an integral part of oil and gas research. Proven protocols regarding custom stone cutting will also become increasingly important as the drive to uncover viable forms of energy continues.