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Core Sample Research Underway in Calgary

In Calgary, Canada, geologists are continuing to evaluate a massive core sample that has perplexed oil and gas researchers since the 1970s. Referred to as the Grosmont sample, the carbonate is currently stored in one of the worlds largest collections of well core. There has been renewed interest in the sample as a result of the emergence of new technology Canada, allowing fields to be developed that were previously believed to be impossible. With the opening of new frontiers, researchers are now analyzing possible ways in which the play could be produced.

Although the formation is estimated to contain massive amounts of carbonates, up to this point no one has been able to determine an economic way in which to bring the thick oil to production. The core sample research currently under way in Calgary serves to further underscore the importance that such samples has to the oil and gas industry. As nations around the world continue to seek innovative solutions for bringing oil and gas to market, core samples will continue to play a pivotal role.