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Carbonate rocks comprise between 10 percent and 15 percent of sedimentary rocks and are primarily comprised of two distinct types—limestones and dolostones. Limestones are primarily composed of calcite while dolostones are primarily comprised of dolomite. Due to the fact that carbonate materials are typically soluble in waters with a slight acidic level, carbonates typically present high permeability and porosity. Consequently, carbonates are ideal petroleum reservoirs. 

Our in-depth industry experience at Kocurek allows us to specialize in providing core sample research services for a variety of carbonates, including:
  • Indiana Limestone
  • Silurian Dolomite
  • Edwards Yellow
  • Austin Chalk
  • Carthage Marble (Burlington Limestone)
  • Edwards Brown
  • Indiana Limestone
  • Desert Pink
  • Leuders
  • Edwards White
  • Indiana Limestone
  • Winterset Limestone
  • Guelph Dolomite

Take a moment to view our current inventory of carbonate cores. If you have any questions or comments about our carbonate cores, feel free to contact us.

Austin Chalk
Carthage Marble (Burlington Limestone)
Desert Pink
Edwards Brown
Edwards White
Edwards Yellow
Guelph Dolomite
Indiana Limestone
Indiana Limestone
Indiana Limestone
Silurian Dolomite
Winterset Limestone