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Why You Should Trust an Experienced Core Sampling Company
Jun 16, 2015
 The oil and gas industry is one of the largest fields creating jobs in the state of Texas. Texas has a booming economy centered on oil and gas, crops and tourism. Because there are numerous oil ...
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Everything you need to know about types of core samples
May 19, 2015
 Core Analysis is becoming an increasingly popular process in the oil and gas industry due to the use of knowledge it can provide. Core analysis is a way of measuring well conditions by studying ...
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Everything you need to know about Sandstone
Apr 23, 2015
 At Kocurek Industries we provide a variety of core sample research services for various types of rock formations. One of our most researched samples comes from sandstone. Sandstone is a classic ...
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Core Sampling in the Oil and Gas Industry
Mar 04, 2015
Oil and natural gas companies rely heavily on geological core samplings and the analyses of the samples to help them predict and understand specific oil and gas reserves. These companies use different...
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How the Rise in the Oil and Gas Industry Affects the Need for Core Samples
Feb 02, 2015
 The state of the oil and gas industry in the United States is one of the most important business industries of this decade. With a variety of jobs centered on the oil and gas boom, the rise and ...
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Reports Indicate Boom for Oil & Gas Industry
Jan 02, 2015
It is no secret that the oil and gas industry is currently booming throughout the United States. The latest reports from industry news indicates that this is a trend that will continue to advance in t...
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Methods Used to Extract Core Samples
Dec 01, 2014
 Core samples are a great way to better understand oil and gas reserves. By taking a piece of a large sum we are able to research and learn more about the material from which it came. There ar...
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Study and Preservation of Core Samples for Oil and Gas Research Vital to the Industry
Nov 03, 2014
 Oil and gas research is dependent upon the most in-depth understanding of the primary characteristic of reservoir rock. Such characteristics include porosity, permeability, and wettability. Nume...
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The Importance of Core Samples
Oct 06, 2014
Today, we find ourselves becoming more and more concerned with the state of our world's oil and gas supply. While we continue searching for new ways to maximize the oil and gas reserves that we have, ...
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Core Sample Research in South Dakota Could Lead to First Underground Shale Lab
Sep 02, 2014
 Drilling recently began South Dakota for the first shale core samples that will be analyzed using an extensive range of advanced lab tests. Ultimately, those samples could result in enhanced e...
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The Importance of Choosing the Right Core Sample Lab
Jul 29, 2014
 As the oil and gas industry continues to evolve, the need for reliable data concerning potential well sites also increases. Oil and gas research has proven to be critical to the industry. There ...
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Core Samples Continue To Aide Oil and Gas Research
Jun 20, 2014
 Core samples remain a valuable part of the oil and gas research process. Typically comprised of a cylindrical section of naturally occurring material, core samples are procured through the use o...
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Core Samples Next Step in New Well
Jan 31, 2014
Around the world, core samples are proving to be more and more important in identifying potential new oil and gas fields. One of the most recent wells that could open soon for production is located in...
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Logging Tests Offer More Precise Look at Subsurface Formations
Dec 16, 2013
The processes involved in oil and gas research have transformed dramatically over the course of the last two decades. At the forefront of those changes have been the introduction of advanced technolog...
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Core Samples Studied for Enhanced Production in East Texas
Nov 18, 2013
Core samples for research can provide a wealth of information for both producers and researchers seeking to unearth information regarding the production potential of a specific geographic area. Case i...
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Core Sample Research Underway in Calgary
Nov 01, 2013
In Calgary, Canada, geologists are continuing to evaluate a massive core sample that has perplexed oil and gas researchers since the 1970s. Referred to as the Grosmont sample, the carbonate is current...
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Improving the Chance of Success with Core Samples
Sep 13, 2013
Ensuring the success of a well is always important. Although a well may exhibit some presence of hydrocarbons, the simple fact of the matter is that not all wells will produce enough hydrocarbons to m...
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Core Sampling Reveals Oil Shows in North Sea
Aug 22, 2013
Drilling exploration has begun in a new location off the coast of Norway in the North Sea. The proposed well is intended to target the Cliffhanger North prospect, situated between the Norwegian Contin...
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Core Samples Studied in Russian Bazhenov Field
Jul 26, 2013
Almost half a century ago, the Bazhenov shale oil field was accidentally discovered in a swampy area located in West Siberia. Today, work is rapidly progressing toward developing what may be the large...
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Core Samples Provide Insight into Hidden Reservoirs
Jun 18, 2013
Although oil and gas initially formed millions of years in the past, it does not remain in the same place. Instead, it moves around through rocks until it reaches a barrier, often referred to as a tra...
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Research Indicates Dakota Field Larger than Anticipated
May 16, 2013
According to a recent government report, a massive geological formation that stretches across both the Dakotas as well as Montana could contain roughly twice the amount of “oil” and three ...
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Core Samples Continue to Play an Important Role in Research
Apr 23, 2013
The search for various forms of energy today is vitally important. Although the protocols for conventional reservoir evaluations were established many years ago, it has only been in recent years that ...
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Core Samples Provide Vital Data in New Shale Field
Mar 26, 2013
Core samples can often prove to be invaluable when it comes to oil and gas research. Xtra Energy recently announced the completion of a core hole drilling program in the Pasquia Hills oil shale field....
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The Role of Core Samples in Determining the Profitability of a Well
Feb 27, 2013
The amount of oil and natural gas that can be recovered from a particular reservoir is determined by both rock and fluid properties. Following the drilling of an exploratory well, the well is evaluate...
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Oil and Gas Research Depends on Validity of Core Sampling
Feb 14, 2013
Core samples in Texas are often the only truly reliable source available to reveal geological information about potential oil and gas bearing formations. Such core samples for research are drilled out...
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Using Leading Technology to Study Anisotropic Formations
Jan 03, 2013
While oil and gas companies typically seek ways to reduce risk, exploration and production can be a high-risk and expensive business. One of the best ways to reduce the inherent risk of exploration is...
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US to Replace Saudi Arabia in Crude Production
Nov 21, 2012
According to recent reports, oil production in the United States is growing so rapidly, there is a strong chance the U.S. could outplace Saudi Arabia as the biggest producer in the world. Much of that...
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Oil and Gas Reserves on the Rise
Oct 23, 2012
The subject of oil and gas research, and reserves in particular, is a topic that is of continual interest in the United States as well as around the world. In August, the Energy Information Administra...
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Core Samples Offer Invaluable Insight into Wells
Sep 25, 2012
 Core samples for research offer an effective method for measuring conditions of a well down hole by studying core samples. This type of core analysis can prove to be invaluable to oil and gas re...
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Core Samples form the Basic of Crucial Research
Aug 15, 2012
As the world becomes increasingly concerned with oil and gas supplies, the use of geological core analyses are more important than ever. Core samples for oil and gas research are critical for hel...
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