KOCUREK Industries, Inc. - Hard Rock Division

Kocurek Industries, Inc. is located approximately 100 miles north of Houston Texas on State Highway 36. Thanks to our convenient location in the heart of the oil and gas industry, we are able to provide our clients with lots of space to produce and store their stone products. With our location on a major highway we have easy access for heavy truck traffic in and out of our 5 acre facility. With quarry blocks weighing up to 20 tons you have to have the right equipment and the right people in place to handle these jobs safely and efficiently. We at Kocurek Industries, Inc. take pride in our perfect safety record.
Kocurek Industries, Inc. / Hard Rock Division specializes in providing precision stone cutting for the oil and gas research industry.
Along with a convenient location and the latest facilities, the president of Kocurek Industries, Inc. also delivers 30 years of experience in the oil and gas research industry, doing consulting work in instrumentation design and processes, machine design, drilling rig repairs, perforating dynamics, and laboratory design for many major oil companies.
Now with over 20 years supplying core samples and stone products to universities, oil companies, and laboratories we understand the importance of how our products have to meet the stringent needs of our clients. To assist in our product supply we have added permeability and porosity testing to our vast array of services. We also have XRD available on most of our stone products. We take the utmost pride in the services we provide. Prior to customer delivery, we ensure that all of our core samples meet the strictest quality standards.
Our innovative processes allow us to cut cores from .25″ diameter up to 16″ diameter with lengths up to 60″. Our services include manufacturing specialty cores, including sandstone, limestone, dolomite, shale, granite, marble, and coal, along with custom sawing and machining to produce just about any shape or size required.
Kocurek Industries, Inc. has developed special machining processes to produce our famous conductivity/fracture cores which carry tolerances of .002″ on dimensions and .002″ flat and parallel. We also manufacture machined discs that carry the same tolerances. These slabs and discs can be manufactured from any of our sandstone, carbonates, or shale. These products and their relevant tests are strictly governed by API standards.
Our finished samples can be shipped anywhere in the world using your delivery method of choice. For your convenience we accept VISA, AMEX, Master Card, or purchase order upon approval.
Whether you need core samples for diamond tool studies such as developing drill bits, perforating technology with shaped charges or lasers, conductivity and fracturing, proppant testing, chemical treatments during and after drilling, or reservoir evaluation, we can supply you with the quality products needed for all these studies and more. When you need the highest quality core samples at the most competitive price with the best delivery times you can rely on Kocurek Industries, Inc. Contact us by phone or email today.