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Core Samples

Kocurek Industries Hard Rock Division offers top quality core samples for research. Although every effort possible is given to ensuring a successful well prior to drilling, the simple fact remains that not every well will hit hydrocarbons in order for that well to be commercially productive. Therefore, it is important for drillers to be able to make an informed decision regarding whether it is feasible to move on to the next step of production. 

At Kocurek Industries Hard Rock Division, we provide valuable oilfield research services based on core samples. With just a small portion of a formation retrieved from a prospective well, we can analyze core samples and make determinations regarding permeability, porosity, and the presence of both oil and gas.

Core samples are typically removed during the drilling process; however, we are also able to work with core samples that have been retrieved following the completion of drilling. 

Our experienced staff is able to cut a wide variety of carbonate and sandstone core samples. Along with cutting various types of customer-supplied stones, we also supply a variety of stone quarried from locations around the globe. Just a few of the sandstone blocks we keep in stock at our Caldwell location include Berea (Grey and Buff), Nugget, Kentucky, Colton, Bentheimer, Crab Orchard, Scioto, Banderea, Williamsforrk, and Idaho. Our carbonate blocks inventory includes Edwards Limestone, Indiana Limestone, Kansas Chalk, Austin Chalk, Bonne Terre Dolomite, and Silurian Dolomite. We can also cut cores from brine or oil solution, based on customer needs. Additionally, we can provide rock properties on most of the stone we stock.

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Core Samples